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Generator Fuel Service & Maintenance.

One of the most common causes of failure and reduction in performance is insufficient attention paid to a generator system's diesel fuel supply. Diesel fuel left standing for extended periods degrades substantially to the point of becoming totally useless.

Standby generator systems are particularly susceptible to diesel fuel issues because their fuel source is left standing for several months exposed to the factors that degrade diesel.

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Single Source Reporting.

Ultimate Service Associates offers network operators a single uniform reporting system.

As a management services business focused on generator service, maintenance, and repair, we have software tools customized to all areas of generator support.

For ourselves and our clients, we track the required planned maintenance schedule to support extensive networks of various generator systems.

Not only are we providing our clients with a comprehensive periodical review of the state of their network, we are also tracking trends in equipment performance in order to address issues before they become problems.

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Your Single Source Generator Service Provider.

Ultimate Service Associates (USA) is the nation's premier generator set maintenance and repair management organization. Since the company began, we have maintained a very high client retention. Many of our current clients are Fortune 500 companies and chose USA over all of the other available options.

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Contact Us.

Ultimate Service Associates
5514 South Lewis Ave. 
Tulsa, OK 74105 
Phone: (918) 836-8701 
Fax: (918) 835-2748

Mission Statement.

Ultimate Service Associates' mission is to provide quality generator system service as a single point of contact nationwide.

We Are the Ultimate Service.

We are the "Ultimate Service" when it comes to Single Source Nationwide Generator Service and Maintenance, our name says it all.

Accessories and Options for Generator Systems.

This information sheet discusses the base specifications of a generator system and the range of accessories and options available to ensure the final complete specification fits the application’s purpose.

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