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Your "Single Source" partner for your national fleet of power generation assets. At Ultimate Service Associates we understand that your time is important and to best utilize that time you need a provider that understands your Generator fleet.

We are the "Ultimate Service" when it comes to Single Source Nationwide Generator Service and Maintenance, our name says it all. USA will be your advocate in all areas of generator maintenance, costs, and reporting.


Master Service Agreements (MSA) offered by USA are the result of considerable experience in managing national fleets of power generation assets. Each installation is unique and as such, we will design an MSA that specifically addresses the network and individual installations.

USA brings the highest standard of expertise across the United States. Our clients can rest assured that we will undertake the highest level of maintenance and service on all the generator systems within their network.

One of the most critical maintenance issues for diesel powered generator sets is maintaining the condition of stored diesel fuel. One of the most common reasons for a generator start failure or under-performance is the lack of or poor quality fuel. Diesel fuel left untreated for long periods can become useless and potentially damaging to the generator. In addition to ensure there is sufficient fuel on-site for an outage, USA has developed two fuel management programs to ensure the diesel stored on-site is dependable. These programs include fuel testing and polishing, two important processes to enable maximum engine performance.

The only way to ensure a generator system will carry full load for an extended period is to utilize load banking. USA, as part of a planned maintenance program, will bring a load bank to your site and load the generator to its required power output.

While periodic exercising of the generator will check if the unit will start and stop, only load banking to the required load for a set period will ensure the system can carry the full load through a typical extended power outage

USA's network of expert service providers are experienced in all makes and models and deliver premium generator system maintenance and repair. While planned maintenance programs will identify many repair requirements before they become major issues, you have the added security, should a failure occur outside of a PM scheduled visit, that your service provider will quickly respond to and resolve the issue.

USA and its service providers understand generator systems, unlike many service organizations that are “jack of all trades”, USA is dedicated to generator system service and management. USA's network of service providers are more qualified to detect issues before they occur and are able to manage a repair issue that occurs outside of a scheduled PM visit, ultimately creating a more efficient program and often times saving the client money.

USA works with all types of backup power generator systems, and understands what it takes to perform the correct repairs in a timely fashion, and understands the appropriate amount of time and proper materials needed to make the repairs with the customer as the main focus.


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Customer Testimonials

Ultimate Service Associates has been a company that we have depended on to get any job done put forth to them on time, within budget, and surpassing expectations every time.

Our company has successfully utilized the services of Ultimate Service Associates, and has been very satisfied with your ability to perform generator system maintenance and repairs I would like to commend you on the quality and professional service you provide to us.

I have had the fortunate experience to work with the Ultimate Service Associates (USA) team over the past two years. We utilize their services to provide portable power solutions for expansion project for our independent terminal system. I have been completely satisfied with their performance, timely responses, and ease in which they provide their services

Frequently Asked Questions

Question - How do I ensure my generators will start when the utility fails?
Answer – You need an effective planned maintenance generator service schedule.

Question - Why should a correctly installed generator fail to start?
Answer – It may be susceptible to fuel deterioration, battery discharge, component corrosion or other issue that only schedule maintenance will diagnose.

Question – Is it not more economic to use service technicians for other equipment on site to service the generator.
Answer – No. Only a trained and certified generator technician should perform maintenance on a generator system.

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